Travel Sim

India has become a favorite tourist destination for many travelers around the world. This country offers a lot of top-rated attractions for nature lovers who love chilling out on the white sand beaches, or for travelers who want to explore sacred sites and spiritual encounters.

While tourists are excited to be heading to India for their upcoming holiday, they should consider preparing some necessary things to make sure they have covered their bases. In addition, a tourist sim is also indispensable for a memorable trip that travelers should not ignore. From now on, travelers to India can choose an India eSim to avoid losing their original sim card.

What is an eSim in India for international tourists?

If travelers are planning to have a short-term visit in India for such purposes as tourism, sightseeing, business, or medical treatment, they should consider purchasing an e-Sim in India. Basically, an eSIM is an embedded SIM card available on eSIM capable devices.

Travelers can download data packs directly to their devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers, making it easier to access the Internet. With an eSim, tourists can keep in touch with their relatives and friends while staying in India through applications like Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Skype, Whatsapp, etc.

It is important to note that an eSim is compatible with certain devices. Therefore, travelers should make sure their devices are eSim compatible and network unlocked before making an eSim purchase.

Foreign tourists are advised to purchase an eSim in India

Foreign tourists are advised to purchase an eSim in India

Why do tourists need an e SIM card when traveling to India?

When traveling far away from home, it is necessary to have an activated mobile connection to keep using your mobile phone.

With a normal physical sim card, travelers have to insert it into their mobile phones to activate while an eSim Card in India can be installed simply by scanning a QR code sent via email.

In addition, an eSim also allows tourists to connect to their network remotely without waiting for a physical sim card to be sent via post. It is also faster for eSim users to change network operators when they are traveling to other territories, hence they do not need to get a new tourist sim card.

The best way to get an e Sim in India for international travelers:

Before departing, most travelers may wonder how to get the cheapest prepaid e-Sim in India. Not to worry, travelers can easily purchase an e SIM online from wherever at any time. However, we highly recommend tourists prepare it before they enter India for a smooth experience.

Note that international travelers may have difficulties in finding the best data sim in India, we include an e-Sim available in India in a visa full package service, which can help them save costs and have more carefree time. If their mobile phones or computers are compatible with eSims, our customers can buy an Indian eSim online while applying for an e visa to India with the Indian e Visa Portal. It is more convenient that customers can now obtain an e SIM card with us without any extra information requested.

The best way to get the cheapest prepaid eSim in India

The best way to get the cheapest prepaid eSim in India

How to receive an e-Sim card in India?

Once travelers purchase an e-sim card in India, a QR code for the installation will be sent to their email. After that, our staff will contact and guide them to install and set up an e-Sim in their devices. The validity period of an e-Sim starts when it is successfully installed and connected to the devices regardless of the location.

India e Visa Portal has assisted more than 20,000 customers globally with an aim to make it easier for foreign tourists to get an e visa faster at reasonable prices. We are proud to be a reliable partner in providing the fastest visa service for many travelers around the world. Let’s feel free to contact us and get the best deals for a full visa package in India.