Indian e-Visa requirements for Israeli citizens

Over the last few years, India has seen a steady increase in tourist arrivals, particularly since 2015, when the Indian e-Visa was implemented. Whether it's to see the world-famous Taj Mahal or to attend yoga or meditation retreats, India attracts visitors from all over the world, including those from Israel. The Indian e-Visa for Israeli citizens is an electronic travel authorization that they can apply for online and get through email within a few days. This new technology eliminates the need for Israelis to visit an Indian embassy or consulate and submit paper visa applications, which require enormous lines and extended wait times.


1. How many different Indian e-Visa types are available to Israeli citizens?

Israeli citizens must possess an e-Visa to travel to India. Israelis may apply for 4 types of e-Visa offered by the Indian authorities:

  • Tourist e-Visa: you can stay in India for 30 days, cannot be extended and converted. Single-entry only.
  • Business e-Visa: valid for 365 days, cannot stay continuously for 180 days. After 180 days of stay, you should register to FRRO for an extension. Multiple entries are available.
  • Medical e-Visa: you can stay in India for 60 days with a triple entry in advance.
  • Conference e-Visa: you can stay in India for 30 days with a single entry only.

In addition to these 4 options, there is the India e-Visa for medical attendants. This visa is only for Israeli nationals accompanying patients in India who have a Medical Visa.

How many different Indian e-Visa types are available to Israeli citizens

2. What requirements must Israeli citizens meet to obtain an Indian e-Visa?

The following Indian e-Visa requirements for Israeli citizens should be met before submitting an online application to obtain an Indian e-Visa:

  • Israel passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of entry in India with at least 1 blank page for stamping.
  • A recent passport-sized photo of the Israeli passenger with white background.
  • A credit or debit card to pay the e-Visa fee.
  • A recent color passport photo of the Israeli citizen.
  • A valid email address to which the Indian e-Visa will be delivered.

Please note that the email address you supply has to be a working one and you will check it frequently to update information and receive your India e-Visa.

Obtaining an India online visa from Israel is an easy and quick process, with the majority of applications being processed within a few days. It may take slightly longer in some situations, therefore tourists from Israel should be sure to request their e-Visa well in advance to avoid any hassles.

It is particularly critical to double-check that all information provided by Israeli applicants in the online application is correct and up to date since any errors can result in delays or denial of the e-Visa.

3. How is the application for an Indian e-Visa for Israeli citizens?

Next, they will need to fill out the online application form. Applicants should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact information
  • Nationality
  • Information on the passport
  • Relationship status

In addition to these details, travelers from Israel will also be asked to provide some information regarding their travel plans, such as the places they plan to visit while in India.

Israeli citizens can also expect to find questions regarding their religion, visible identification marks, and educational qualification as well as some security-related questions.

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4. What is the cost of an Indian e-Visa for Israeli citizens?

For payment, after submitting your document, you need to pay a charging fee to complete the whole process, including 2 main kinds of India e-Visa fee, namely the government fees and service fees.

The government fee is set by Indian officials and cannot be changed.

With service fees, we provide 3 service options for you, depending on your demands:

  • Normal: used in most cases when you have enough time for preparation and wait for a response. With this option, you can get your e-Visa in a guaranteed maximum of 3 business days.
  • Urgent: used in special cases when you just have a little time for all processes. You can get your e-Visa in a guaranteed maximum of 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent: in emergencies when you need to get your e-Visa in hours. With this option, our experts will support you to get your approved e-Visa.

In addition, you can add a small fee for COVID-19 insurance to increase your chance of getting approved as well as save your benefit.

Payment method Indian Visa for Israeli citizens: both electronic transactions and wire transfers are accepted. You have various selections, such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, or PayPal to choose from.

India Visa Requirements for Israel Citizens FAQs

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