Car pick-up service

When you leave the airport, you may get confused with the variety of taxis with different prices. Sometimes calling and waiting for an airport taxi might take time, and make you tired after a long flight.

For this reason, we offer the car pick-up service with considerate and well-trained drivers to take you from the airports to the address you are staying at in the city centre. Our professional drivers will make you feel safe and confident when you first arrive in India.

How much does it cost?

Transfer/pick up Private car (USD/car/way)
Air-conditioned medium car (up to four passengers) Air-conditioned Toyota Innova (up to four passengers)
Delhi Airport to Dehli Hotel US$35 US$45
Delhi Airport to Dehli Suburb Hotel(Noida, Ugaon, Faridababad) US$45 US$50

How does it work?

You can choose 'Car Pick-up Service' as an extra service when applying for your visa online or by phoning our hotline: +91 2249410179/ +852 8199 0939. If you have any questions or any problems at the airport, contact our Support Center.