Top 3 places for a wonderful trip to India

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India is a vast country in the world with many attractions mainly for travel & tourism. Many foreigners mostly like to visit India to spend a memorable and unforgettable holiday trip experience in their life. Not in one, many tourist attractions make tourists visit India again and again from all sides of the world.

1. Trivandrum

A visit to Trivandrum during the festival of Onam is especially recommended, as it is one the largest festival of Kerala and a unique celebration to witness. The festival begins with Thripunithura Athachamayam, which is a colorful street parade with the amazing Kathakali dancers, kicking off the start of the festival.

Then celebrations take place at the Thrikkakara Temple, followed by a full-fledged Onam week of song and classical dance performances that are feast for the eyes. Most importantly Onam is the best time to sample of the finest offering of Kerala’s cuisine.

Top 3 places for a wonderful trip to India

Onam Celebration at Thripunithura Athachamaya

The weeklong festivities then run towards their end with an interesting party called the Pulikkali Tiger Play, where people are donned with tiger masks and costumes. A parade with traditional percussion instruments and a city wide costume party with tiger theme, makes this one of the quirkiest festivals of India. Finally the festival draws to a close with the amazing Snake Boat race.

Top 3 places for a wonderful trip to India

Pulikkali Tiger Play at Onam

2. Alappuzha

A city along the seas, Alappuzha or as is popularly known as Alleppy is the Venice of India! Its beautiful backwaters, relaxing Ayurvedic massages and large temples attracting pilgrims make for a wonderful vacation spot during the monsoons in August. It is most popular for the Snake boat race festival that attracts crowds for all over the world during this season.

Top 3 places for a wonderful trip to India

Alleppey Backwaters, Kerala

The boat race gets its name from the unique shape of the boat that almost looks like a gigantic snakelike structure floating on the water. It is a spectacle to hold with all the excitement of a canoe race festival. These canoes are the traditional war boats of Kerala and go back in history of the region. Multiple races are held at the various lakes of Alleppey and this is yet another major reason for a visit to the place during the month of August.

Top 3 places for a wonderful trip to India

Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race Alappuzha

3. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The place is a paradise with or without rain. The white sandy beach, warm lagoons, crystal clear water, palm filled beaches and interesting water sports would be more exciting with a mild shower. The beauty of the place will be intact even during August season. The place would be in its lean tourist season and thus, you cannot find a lot of tourists in your choice of place. This will help you enjoy some lone time or have picnic even in busy beaches. All these come with a very low discount price due to the lean season.

Top 3 places for a wonderful trip to India

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