India e-Visa requirements for citizens of Botswana

Any Botswana bucket list will include a trip to India. It is a wonderful nation with many cultures to learn about, and one of the most significant benefits of visiting India is practical. More than 150 nationalities, including Botswana, can apply for an India e-Visa online. If you qualify for such a document, you are no longer obliged to visit the Indian embassy.

There are other important conditions to consider with the India e-Visa, and we’ll explain them in the information below.

Types of India e-Visa for citizens of Botswana

Types of India e-Visa for citizens of Botswana

As an answer to the convenience of short journeys and business needs, the e-Visa was introduced to simplify the India visa process for citizens of Botswana. More importantly, cost-effectiveness is a major advantage of this visa type.

In general, the four most common types of e-visas used by Botswana visitors to India are as follows:

  • e-Tourist Visa: This type allows Botswana travelers to enter India for tourism, sightseeing, visiting relatives/friends purposes.

There are 03 types of e tourist visa to India you can choose depending on the length of trips in the country. A 30-day tourist visa has a validity of 01 month from the issued date, allowing you to stay in the country for 30 days from the arrival date, with a double entry into the country.

If you want to stay longer for leisure purposes, or visiting relatives/friends, can apply for a long-term e tourist visa, which are 1 year and 5 years tourist visa. 1 year e Tourist visa is valid for 01 year from the issued date, allowing a continuous stay up to 90 days, with multiple entries. 5 years e Tourist visa has a longer validity, for 05 years from the date of issuance. You can enter the country as many times as you wish, with each stay not exceeding 90 days.

  • e-Business Visa: This type of visa is required if you intend to do business in India. This visa has a one-year (365-day) maximum validity period and allows for numerous entries and exits, with each stay not exceeding 180 days.
  • e-Conference Visa: This type of visa is used to enter India for conferences held by government ministries. Tourists may remain for up to 30 days from the arrival date and enter the country just once.
  • e-Medical Visa: This type of e-visa is useful if you are traveling to India for medical treatment, including yoga therapy, because it permits you to stay for up to 60 days and, more crucially, allows you to enter India three times.

India e-Visa requirements for citizens of Botswana

There are just a few Indian requirements that citizens of Botswana need to provide. As detailed below:

  • Valid passport - Botswana citizens applying for an Indian visa must have a valid passport. The passport must be valid for at least 06 months on the day of entry into India, with a minimum of 02 blank pages for verification.
  • Digital photo of yourself - the photo must be recent. You should avoid making facial expressions in it, and the background should be white.
  • A scan of the biographical page from your passport.
  • Invitation letter: if you want to apply for an e-Medical, e-Conference, or e-Business visa, you need to prove that you are invited by providing an invitation letter from an organization you will meet in India.
  • Political clearance letter from the Indian MEA: if you are applying for an e-conference hosted by a ministry of the Indian government, you will need to provide your clearance letter to prove you are reliable.
  • ID card (for e-Business visa).

Apply for an India visa for citizens of Botswana

Apply for an India visa for citizens of Botswana

Once you have all the necessary documents, you can proceed to fill out the form. There are three steps you must take to get an India visa for citizens of Botswana, which are as follows:

  • The first step will require you to enter your personal information and select a visa type. It will just take approximately 5 minutes to complete all the stuff.
  • The second step entails revision and payment. Make certain that all the information you supply is completely accurate. Please double-check your spelling.
  • In the third step: You will receive the confirmation of your e visa application and wait for the result.

When you're finished with this, click the submit button and wait. That's all there is to get an India e-Visa for citizens of Botswana.

India e-Visa fee for citizens of Botswana

You will have to pay two types of India visa fees: A mandatory government fee and customizable service fee.

The government fee is the amount you need to pay for the Indian Immigration Department to issue you a visa, and it is a required fee.

Our immigration and the e-visa firm provides three types of e-visa services:

  • Normal: employed in most casual situations where there is enough time to prepare and wait for a response. You will obtain your e-visa in 03 business days if you use this service option.
  • Urgent: If you need an e-visa in a hurry and require it within a day, consider choosing this option because it will help you acquire your approval in as little as 24 hours.
  • Super urgent: In some situations, you will require this choice to obtain your e-visa in a hurry. This is the quickest option, with your e-visa arriving within 05 business hours.

Payment method: You can select between electronic payment and wire transfer, whichever is more convenient for you. If you pay electronically, you can use one of the following methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal.