Indian e-Visa requirements for Guatemalan citizens

Indian e-Visa authorization, introduced in 2014, has significantly increased India's tourism since, both for foreign visitors who are eligible to apply and for the country itself. In 2018, the country got 10.5 million visitors.

By completing a simple online application form, citizens of more than 150 countries are currently eligible to apply for an India electronic visa.

Guatemala is one of the countries that are eligible for this easy and smooth procedure, which means that previous formalities involving consulates or embassy visits are eliminated.

You can complete the India e-Visa application online in up to 15 minutes since it is all done electronically.

Types of India e-Visa for Guatemalan Citizens

1. Types of India e-Visa for Guatemalan Citizens

The Indian e-Visa consists of a number of online visas for Guatemalan visitors depending on their reasons for visiting the country. They can be categorized as follows:

  • India Tourist e-Visa: Guatemalans are most likely to use the India Tourist e-Visa for tourism and leisure purposes, as well as to travel to visit family members or attend yoga retreats. Within the 1-month validity period of this visa, Guatemalan visitors can stay in the country for 30 days. Guatemala residents can enter India twice during the validity of this visa because this is a double entry visa.

If you're looking to stay in India longer, there are two other types you can choose from: India 1 year e-tourist visa and India 5 years e-tourist visa. Both have their advantages.

The India 1 year e-tourist visa allows Guatemalans to enter and remain in India within the validity period of the visa, which is 1 year. You can stay in India for a total of 90 days during your stay.

The India 5 years e-tourist visa is more flexible than its shorter-length counterpart. It allows Guatemalans to enter and remain in India within the validity period of the visa, which is 5 years. Each stay should not exceed 90 days.

  • India Business e-Visa: India e-Business visas are issued to citizens of Guatemala who plan to travel to India for business purposes, such as meetings, conferences, or sales. During validity of the visa (365 days; from the date of grant of ETA), this visa type allows for multiple entries into India. The maximum period of each stay is 180 days.
  • India Conference e-Visa: By using the Indian e-Conference Visa, Guatemalans can travel to India to participate in an Indian government-organized conference. You can stay for 30 days with only one entry.
  • India Medical e-Visa: It is granted to Guatemalans seeking medical treatment in India. Guatemalan citizens need to be informed about the specific requirements needed, such as a letter from a receiving hospital.
  • Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa: Family members of Guatemalan patients with a Medical e-Visa to India are eligible to apply for the Medical Assistant e-Visa.

Both the Medical e-Visa and the Medical Assistant visa are three-entry visas with a validity period of 120 days. The duration of stay permitted for these visas is 60 days from the arrival date.

Guatemalans will have to submit all the supporting documentation for the type of visa they hold when entering India.

India Visa requirements for Guatemalan Citizens

2. India Visa requirements for Guatemalan Citizens

Guatemalans seeking the India e-Visa application are required to collect all required documents and do their best to meet all the minimal requirements.

  • To start the application, a Guatemalan passport with at least six months of validity from the arrival date will be required.
  • In addition to a passport photo with specific Indian e-Visa guidelines, a digital copy of the biographical page and a digital photograph will also be requested during the India visa application process.
  • The applicant's email address from Guatemala needs to be included since this will be where all updates and approval notifications will be sent.

Depending on the type of visa Guatemalan nationals are applying for, they should attach some additional papers:

  • A Business visa: An invitation letter from the host, as well as the host's ID card/passport.
  • A medical e-Visa: A medical letter from a hospital in India.
  • An e-conference visa: An invitation letter from the conference organizer and political clearance from the Government of India's Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

The Guatemalan traveler with a criminal record that wants to enter India has to be informed about local regulations and restrictions when applying for an Indian e-Visa.

An applicant will be asked to provide payment information at the end of the application process to pay for processing fees, you can use either a debit card or credit card.

The application process for Guatemalans requesting an India e-Visa

Guatemalan applicants will be asked questions regarding their identity and other personal details including the following:

  • Information for eVisa
  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Passport number
  • Details of their stay in India (date of arrival and departure)

In the case of Guatemalan applicants traveling with children to India, their e-Visa applications must be filled out by an adult.

Before submitting the e-Visa application, the applicants are advised to review and revise all the information provided with the relevant documents, known as India's e-Visa entry requirements, to avoid errors.

Usually, a Visa for India application form is processed within a short timeframe and the approval takes 05 hours to 03 business days.

The Guatemalan national's application letter is emailed to the email address they provided. A printed copy of the letter is required to be carried at all times during their stay in India.

Indian e-Visa fee for Guatemalan citizens

3. Indian e-Visa fee for Guatemalan citizens

Indian e-Visa applications for Guatemalan residents will require two types of India visa fees: government fees and service fees.

The government fees in India are determined by your nationality. Service fees, on the other hand, come in three varieties, each with its own processing time. Depending on your circumstances, you may wish to consider:

  • Normal: The service makes it simple to get your e-Visa in 03 business days.
  • Urgent: You can utilize this type if you don't have days to wait for a response. This type of application helps you get your e-Visa within 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent: When using this service, you can obtain your e-Visa in around 5 business hours. This service is designed to help you with emergencies.

You need to complete your application by paying the total cost. There are two ways to do this: electronic transfer and wire transfer. Electronic payment methods accepted include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.

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