Indian e Visa Requirements for Montenegrin Citizens

Each year, thousands of people of Montenegro visitors travel to India. The Indian Government has put in place an online Visa system (Indian e-Visa system) to streamline the immigration process in response to the steady increase in foreign immigrants.

By completing the India e-Visa application form, supplying some personal information, and submitting the necessary supporting papers, Montenegro passport holders who meet the requirements can apply for an Indian visa quickly and easily.

Indian e-Visa for Montenegrin Citizens

Indian e-Visa for Montenegrin Citizens

Indian e-Visa types for Montenegrin Citizens

Montenegrin applicants should thoroughly understand the different Indian e-Visa kinds before submitting an online application for an Indian e-Visa. Visitors to India who do not have the appropriate e-Visa for their intended travel may be refused entrance.

Indian e-Visas come in five different varieties:

  • The Indian e-Tourist Visa is often known as the travel and leisure permission. This is a double-entry visa, and its holders are allowed to stay in India for up to 30 days. In March 2022, the Indian Government reopened two long-term eVisa: a 1-year e-Tourist visa and 5 years e-Tourist visa. Travelers wishing to stay in India for an extended period should apply for one of these visas.
  • The electronic travel permission for Montenegro for business purposes is called an Indian e-Business Visa. It is valid for 365 days from the date of grant of the ETA, with multiple entries into the country. With this visa, Montenegrin citizens can stay for up to 180 days on each trip.
  • The Indian e-Conference visa is only available for events that are sponsored by the Government. Montenegrin applicants are permitted to stay in India for 30 days with a single entry.
  • Indian e-Medical Visa is the electronic permit to receive medical treatment in the Republic of India. The Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa is a type of visa that allows you to accompany someone receiving medical care in India.

A Montenegrin tourist should anticipate receiving their approved e-Visa to India within 05 hours to 03 business days of submitting the electronic travel authorization (Indian e-visa) application. It is advised to print a copy of the e-Visa approval just in case an immigration official asks to examine it.

Requirements of Indian e-Visa for Montenegrin citizens

Requirements of Indian e-Visa for Montenegrin citizens

Indian Visa Requirements for Montenegrin Citizens

To successfully receive a tourist e-Visa to India, which is said to be the most common type, Montenegrin citizens are required to fulfill several Indian e-visa requirements.

A valid passport is one of the supporting documents that must be supplied together with personal information.

The following requirements must be fully satisfied by citizens from Montenegro to submit an online request for an Indian Tourist e-Visa:

  • A Montenegro passport with a minimum validity of six months is necessary to enter India. There should be at least 02 blank pages in the passport for verification. 
  • An official-looking photo of the applicant from Montenegro complies with the requirements for the India e-Visa.
  • Applicants for e-visas must have a working email account.
  • Montenegro residents must provide a legitimate credit or debit card for a visa application to be processed.

In addition, it is a requirement that all travelers from Montenegro must meet, regardless of the type of Indian e-Visa they are requesting.

Visitors to India must also fulfill additional conditions, which vary based on the type of Indian electronic visa they require.

Indian Business e-Visa Requirements for Montenegrin Citizens

One of the following items, in addition to the prerequisites listed above, must be included:

  • Employers in India provide business cards with their full name, firm name, and contact information.
  • A business letter that doubles as an invitation, sent to the Montenegro business traveler by the Indian corporation. 

Indian Medical e-Visa for Montenegrin Citizens: Additional Conditions

For this visa, you also need a letter from the hospital in India addressed to the patient.

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Indian e-Visa fees for Montenegrin citizens

Indian e-Visa fees for Montenegrin citizens

Indian e-Visa fee for Montenegrin Citizens

Government and service fees are the two main types of Indian e-Visa fees.

The government fee is required of all inhabitants of Montenegro because it is not included on the list of countries that are exempted from Indian visas.

Regarding the Service fee, it is charged based on the visa service that the applicants choose. The following services are available for you to select from based on your travel requirements:

  • Normal: If you have the time to prepare your documents and wait for a response, this is the most economical choice. With this type of service, you can receive an Indian eVisa in 03 business days.
  • Urgent: Your visa result will be ready in 24 hours if you choose this advanced e-Visa kind.
  • Super urgent: This type is used when you need your e-Visa right away and you have an emergency. Your results will be delivered in five business hours if you select this service.

In addition, you can pay a minimal fee for Indian travel insurance to boost your chances of approval and keep your benefit when traveling abroad.

Both electronic transfers and wire transfers (the Bank of Cyprus) are acceptable forms of payment. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal are a few options for online payments.

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