Indian e visa requirements for Namibian citizens

India receives more than 10 million foreign visitors annually, including travelers from Namibia. The Indian government has created an Online Visa System ( often referred to as India e-Visa) to streamline the immigration procedure and give access to immigration services.

Passport holders from qualifying Namibia who meet the requirements can apply quickly and easily by filling out the India e-Visa online application form.

Types of Indian e-Visa for Namibian citizens

Types of Indian e-Visa for Namibian citizens

Indian e-Visa Types for Namibian Citizens

Before submitting an online application, applicants from Namibia seeking Indian travel permission should carefully understand the kinds of Indian e-Visas that are offered.

Entrance may be refused if a traveler to India does not have the appropriate e-Visa for their intended itinerary.

There are five types of Indian e-Visas available to Namibian citizens:

  • The Indian Tourist e-Visa is a travel authorization specifically for leisure travel within India. The double-entry visa permits 30 days to stay in India in total. In March 2022, the Government of India re-launched two long-term e-Visas: 1 year and 5 years e-tourist visas. Travelers planning to stay longer than 30 days should refer to these types of visas.
  • The Indian e-Business Visa, or online travel authorization for Indian business matters. This visa is valid for 365 days from the date of grant of ETA with multiple entries into the country. A 180-day stay is permitted for each trip. 
  • Only government-sponsored conferences are eligible for Indian e-Conference visas. Namibian travelers are permitted to stay in India for 30 days with a single entry.
  • An online authorization to enter the Republic of India for medical treatment is called an India e-Medical visa.
  • The Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa allows you to accompany someone receiving medical care in India.

After submitting the electronic travel authorization application, a visitor from Namibia may anticipate receiving their Indian e-Visa in 05 hours to 03 business days.

Printing the e-Visa approval is recommended in case an immigration official asks to see a copy of it when they arrive.

Requirements of Indian e-Visa for Namibian citizens

Requirements of Indian e-Visa for Namibian citizens

Indian Visa Requirements for Namibian Citizens

An e-Tourist Visa to India, which is the most common type of Indian e-Visa, has a few requirements that Namibian nationals are required to fulfill to be granted one.

One of these requirements is the possession of a valid passport, along with some personal info.

Namibia residents need to meet the following requirements before submitting an online application for an Indian tourist e-Visa:

  • A legitimate Namibia passport that is valid for at least 06 months is required for entry into the country,with a minimum of 02 unused pages for entry and exit stamps from Immigration and Border Control personnel.
  • Applicants from Namibia are required to provide a photo that adheres to the India e-Visa photo requirements, such as one with a white backdrop.
  • A working email address to receive the e-Visa by email.
  • A valid credit or debit card to pay the visa processing cost.

Furthermore, regardless of the type of Indian e-Visa, they are requesting, all travelers from Namibia must submit these prerequisites.

Visitors visiting India who hold an electronic visa from India should be aware that there are a few additional requirements associated with their particular type of visa.

Indian Business e-Visa Requirements for Namibian Citizens

Visitors must also supply at least one of the following things in addition to those outlined previously:

  • A business card provided by the Indian employer that includes the full name, address, and phone number of the Namibia tourist is a must.
  • An invitation letter from the host. The host's ID card/ passport number, and contact details are also necessary. 

Indian Medical e-Visa for Namibian Citizens: Additional Conditions

Namibian citizens applying for this online visa must send a letter from a hospital in India addressed to the patient and printed on the hospital's letterhead.

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Indian e-Visa Fees for Namibian citizens

Indian e-Visa Fees for Namibian citizens

Indian e-Visa fee for Namibian Citizens

There are two main forms of fees for an India e-Visa application: service fees and government fees.

Since Namibia is not on the list of nations that are free from the government fee, its citizens must pay this mandatory fee. 

Depending on your demands for the service, we provide the following options:

  • Normal: The most economical choice is to make use of this regular service. You should prepare your papers and wait 03 business days for a reply. This is the cheapest option.
  • Urgent: You will get your answer in 24 hours if you use this more advanced e-Visa method. A small extra fee is charged for this service. 
  • Super urgent: This type is used when you need your e-Visa immediately, and you have an urgent situation. Your results will be sent if you choose this service in 05 business hours. As a result, this is the most expensive option for applicants. 

In addition, you can pay a minimal fee for COVID-19 insurance to boost your chances of approval and keep your benefit when traveling abroad.

You have the choice of paying electronically or by wire transfer (the Bank of Cyprus). The following electronic payment options are worth considering: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.