Indian e-Visa requirements for citizens of Palau

The government of the Republic of India has put in place an online e-Visa system to streamline immigration procedures and give visitors access to the nation due to the rise in foreign arrivals.

For passport holders from Palau to apply online, complete the India e-Visa application form, supply some personal information, and submit the necessary supporting documents.

This page explains the Indian e-Visa requirements for citizens of Palau, how to apply and visa fees

Indian e-Visa for citizens of Palau

Indian e-Visa for citizens of Palau

Indian e-Visa Types for Citizens of Palau

Before starting the process, applicants from the Republic of Palau requesting Indian travel permission should carefully understand the Indian e-Visa types available.

Visitors who do not have the correct e-Visa for their intended travel could have their entry into India denied.

Indian e-Visas are classified into five categories:

  • The Indian e-Tourist Visa is a travel authorization for leisure purposes. You can stay in India for 30 days from the date of arrival with this type of Visa.
  • The official travel document for business travel is the Indian e-Business Visa. This type of visa allows you to visit India multiple entries during its 365-day validity term from the date of issuance. Each stay is limited to 180 days.
  • In order to use the Indian e-Conference visa, you must attend a government-sponsored conference. With this form of visa, you can enter India only once and stay there for 30 days starting from the day you arrive.
  • The electronic authorization required to get Indian medical care is known as an Indian e-Medical Visa. You are permitted to stay for up to 60 days following your arrival with this triple-entry visa.
  • The Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa enables anyone to accompany someone receiving medical care in India. This e-Visa allows you to visit the country three times and stay for a total of 60 days starting from the day of your initial entry.
  • Indian Ayush visa: The Government of India's Heal in India program has created a new AYUSH (AY) Visa category. It is particularly developed for foreign citizens seeking medical care in India using Ayush or other traditional Indian medical systems. This visa applies to people seeking therapeutic care and well-being through traditional medicine. This Ayush visa is valid for 60 days from the issued date with triple entries

After submitting the electronic travel authorization application, it takes from 05 hours to 03 working days for travelers from Palau to acquire their Indian e-Visa that has been granted.

Visitors should print a copy of their e-Visa approval when they arrive in case an immigration officer requests it.

Indian Visa Requirements for Citizens of Palau

Citizens of Palau must fulfill certain Indian e-Visa requirements in order to obtain an Indian tourist e-Visa, which is the most common Indian e-Visa.

Palau residents must submit their personal information in addition to supporting documentation, such as a current passport, as part of these requirements.

The following conditions must be met by Palau residents applying online for an Indian Tourist e-Visa:

  • Visitors must have a passport that is valid for at least six months in order to enter India.
  • The applicant from the Palau photo must meet the same requirements as the India e-Visa photo, including having a white backdrop.
  • A working email address is necessary for the e-electronic visa's delivery.
  • Visa processing fees must be paid with a legitimate credit or debit card.

All travelers from Palau who apply for an Indian e-Visa must also fulfill these requirements.

Depending on the type of Indian electronic visa they require, tourists from Palau should be advised that there may be certain additional requirements.

Indian e-Visa requirements for citizens of Palau

Indian e-Visa requirements for citizens of Palau

Indian Business e-Visa Requirements for Citizens of Palau

You may be required to provide additional papers, as listed below:

  • Palau business visitor's name, firm name, and contact details are all included in this document.
  • The Indian company must send the Palau business traveler the formal letter, which must also include the host's signature, the company's letterhead, the address, and the traveler's contact information.

Indian Conference e-Visa Requirements for Citizens of Palau

For an e-Conference visa, an invitation letter from the conference organizer and political clearance from the Government of India's Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) are required.

Indian Medical e-Visa for Citizens of Palau: Additional Conditions

Citizens of Palau must also provide a letter from the hospital in India that is written to the patient and has the hospital's letterhead as an additional requirement for this particular online visa.

A signature from an authorized doctor must be included also.

Indian e-Visa fee for Citizens of Palau

Two types of costs are required for the India e-Visa application process: service fees and government fees.

Given that Palau is not included on the list of exempt countries, Palauan citizens must pay the government fee.

There are three options available if you're seeking a service that meets your travel requirements:

  • Normal: If you have the time to prepare your papers and wait for a response, it is the most affordable service to utilize. For this kind of service, the standard waiting period is three business days.
  • Urgent: If you register for an advanced e-Visa, your answers will be accessible to you in less than 24 hours.
  • Super urgent: This type is used when you need your e-Visa quickly, within hours. If you choose this service, the results will be sent to you within 5 business hours.

You can choose to pay either electronically or through a wire transfer as your mode of payment. Think about making your payment with an electronic payment option such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

In addition, you can pay a minimal fee for Indian travel insurance, Indian travel esim and car pick up services to boost your chances of approval and keep your benefits when traveling abroad.