Indian e-Visa requirements for Serbian citizens

If you are a citizen of Serbia who wishes to travel to India for business, tourism, or medical purposes, you could be required to obtain an Indian visa. However, the requirements for this document and those for the Tourist e-Visa are virtually identical, so the two are interchangeable. The fee can be the only difference between them. If you are interested in learning more about how to apply for an Indian e-Visa from Serbia, continue reading the article that can be found below.

Types of India visas for Serbian citizens Types of India visas for Serbian citizens

Types of India visas for Serbian citizens

The India e-Visa is a travel requirement that is obtained online and serves as an important authorization to enter India. It works in the same way as the Paper Visa, except that it is delivered to your inbox via email. The entirety of the process can be finished online. For nationals of Serbia, four different types of e-Visas can be used to go to India:

  • e-Tourist Visa: You will need to make use of this type if you plan on traveling to India for recreational purposes. With this particular category of visa, you are only permitted to remain in the country for a maximum of thirty calendar days beginning on the day of your arrival, and your stay cannot be extended or changed in any way.

If you want to remain in the country for a longer trip, you can apply for a long-term e-tourist visa, such as the India Tourist Visa for 1 Year and 5 Years. These types of visas allow multiple entries to India and the staying time for each continuous trip is less than 90 days.

  • e-Business Visa: If you are coming to India on business, you will need to use this type of visa. Please be aware that you will NOT be able to utilize this e-Visa for any purposes related to work. You have 365 days to enter as many entries as you want if you use this type of e-Visa as an entry permit, with a maximum stay of 180 days per stay period.
  • e-Conference visa: Only used at official conferences organized by the Indian government. This type of visa is valid for 04 months from the issued date. If you have this specific type e-Visa, you are permitted to enter and exit India only once throughout your 30-day stay in the country.
  • e-Medical Visa & Medical Attendant: Serbians who require medical treatment or who are accompanying a patient undergoing treatment in India can apply for the Medical Visa & E-Medical Attendant online. They are permitted to enter India a total of three times with this form of e-visa, and they can remain in the country for a maximum of sixty days beginning on the date of arrival.

India visa requirements for Serbian citizens

Before applying, please review the following list of India e-Visa requirements for Serbian citizens. These documents are not difficult to obtain, and you are likely to have the majority, if not all, of them:

  • A legitimate Serbian passport that contains at least two blank pages, is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in India. In addition to the photograph, you are required to send a scanned copy of the biographical page from your passport (clear background and face are required).
  • A valid email address where you can receive your e-Visa results.
  • Additional documents: For the authorities in the area to verify the reason for your stay, you will be requested to present a few documents linked to those purposes.

For example: If you need an e-Business visa, you will need to provide an invitation letter or a business card with your personal and organizational information on it.

Medical letter from an Indian hospital. Attendants must have an eVisa number from e-Medical holders to apply (for a Medical Attendant visa).

An Invitation letter from the conference organizer and political clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India (For e-conference visa)

India e-Visa fee for Serbian citizens India e-Visa fee for Serbian citizens

India e-Visa fee for Serbian citizens

To complete your application, you must pay two types of Indian visa fees for Serbian citizens: the government and service fees. Because Serbia is not on India's exemption list, you must pay the government fee specified in the Indian authority's announcement.

Depending on how quickly you require an e-Visa, you have the opportunity to pick between 03 different service fee packages, which are as follows:

  • Normal: If you choose this option, you will receive your e-Visa result within 03 business days.
  • Urgent: This superior level of service can expedite the processing of your e-Visa within 24 hours.
  • Super urgent: When you use this service, you will be given top priority because your wait time is only about 05 business hours.

Furthermore, you can pay a small fee for India travel insurance to increase your chances of acceptance and, more importantly, to keep your benefits in any situation when traveling abroad.

After selecting the appropriate service, you will be able to calculate your total bill. You have the option of paying with an electronic funds transfer or wire transfer (via the Bank of Cyprus).

If you prefer to make an electronic payment, consider the following options: To complete your payment, you can use a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal account.