Indian e-Visa requirements for South African citizens

The tourism industry in India is growing rapidly, and the government has been exploring ways to promote it. Consequently, the government of India introduced the Indian e-Visa, to encourage tourists from all over the world to visit the nation. There are currently 166 countries that can apply for an Indian e-visa including South Africa.

Types of Indian e-Visa for South African citizens

1. Types of Indian e-Visa for South African citizens:

As mentioned above, citizens of South Africa are eligible to apply for an Indian e-Visa. According to the purpose of your visit, you will be required to use a specific type of India e-Visa. There are 4 available types of e-Visa we provide:

  • e-Tourist Visa: Stay in India for 30 days from the date of entry into India. This type is single-entry only and cannot be extended.
  • e-Business Visa: Stay in India for 365 days with multiple-entry. However, with this type of Visa, you are not allowed to stay for more than 180 days in a row.
  • e-Conference Visa: Stay in India for 30 days from the date of entry with single-entry only.
  • e-Medical Visa: Stay in India for 60 days from the date of entry into India with triple-entry.

2. How to apply for an Indian e-Visa from South Africa

The e-Visa application is an online process that brings comfort to you but you may wonder how to apply for an India Visa from South Africa. To make that done, before you start, please prepare these following India requirements for South Africans:

  • Scanned biographical pages of your passport.
  • A portrait photograph with a clear background and face.
  • (Optional) Invitation letter and related documents: depending on your type of Visa, you may be required to add some paper for verification. Take e-Business Visa as an example, alongside your personal documents, you need to add an invitation letter from the organization in India and a business card in addition.

Please keep in mind to make sure your passport must have at least 6 months in validity from the date of your arrival in India. And also it is blank at least 1 page for verification markings. Travelers will be able to examine the information they have supplied to ensure that it is correct and matches the information displayed on their passports.

When everything is ready, just start by filling the application form and then follow our process.

Applying for an Indian e-Visa is so convenient because all the paperwork is done online, so travelers do not have to visit an Indian embassy in South Africa to complete the process.

How to apply for an Indian visa from South Africa

Note: you can add a health document, such as COVID-19 insurance, in order to increase your chance of getting approved and more importantly, keep your benefit.

Once the e-Visa has been issued, the traveler must have a printed copy of the approved e-Tourist visa with them when they travel to present it to Indian Immigration and Border Protection Officers. Indian officials will verify the information, and travelers will be required to present their fingerprints as well as a recent photo of themselves. After then, passengers' passports will be stamped with an entry stamp to officially approve their entry into the nation.

3. Indian e-Visa payment information for South Africans

In comparison to the whole expense of the trip from South Africa to India, India Visa Fee is a small but inevitable amount. In detail, there are two types of fee you need to charge for an Indian visa online: a service fee and a government fee.

The government fee is an amount determined by the Indian government. While it is fixed for your nationality regardless of your type of visa, the service fee is flexible. With service fee, we offer three options for you to choose and the fee is corresponding:

  • Normal: standardized options that guarantee you to get a Visa in a maximum of 3 business days.
  • Urgent: With this option, you will get your Visa in a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Super urgent: For emergencies, this is the most suitable option. It can help you get a Visa in around 5 business hours.

Payment method: you can choose either electronic payment or wire transfer. For electronic payment, there are many options that you can choose from: Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal.