Indian e-Visa requirements for Sri Lankan citizens

Applying for and receiving a visa on the internet is a simple process. Suppose you are a visitor from Sri Lanka and need an Indian visa for Sri Lankan citizens to enter this country, you can apply for one online using any internet-connected computer or mobile device. It's as simple as filling out an online form, waiting for your visa to be approved, and then downloading it from your mailbox.

Many different kinds of visas are available for entering India, including tourist visas, medical visas, and business visas. To apply for the correct visa, travelers must first learn about the many options available. The application procedure and requirements are outlined below.

   Indian e-Visa for Sri Lankan citizens

Indian e-Visa for Sri Lankan citizens

1. Types of an Indian visa for Sri Lankan citizens

Despite the South Asian continent, these two countries do not have a reciprocal travel agreement. This necessitates visas for citizens of Sri Lanka when traveling to India.

The Indian government has implemented many types of an Indian visa for Sri Lankan citizens:

  • Indian e-Tourist Visa for Sri Lankans: approved for grounds of tourism, Sri Lankan nationals can enter the country and stay for up to 30 days from the date of arrival. This visa is valid for one month from the date it is issued. Aside from that, a tourist visa to India might be valid for either 1 or 5 years. During the visa's validity period, you can enter and leave the country as often as necessary, but your stay at each entry cannot be longer than 90 days.
  • Indian e-Business Visa for Sri Lankan citizens: This visa provides for business targets and permits entry into India on many occasions for a total of one year. However, the total number of consecutive days spent on any one visit must not exceed 180.
  • Indian e-Conference for Sri Lankan passport holders: This visa is valid for a single entry for four months beginning on the date of issue. If you are a citizen of Sri Lanka, you can use this visa to enter India and stay for up to 30 days.
  • Indian e-Medical & Medical Attendant for Sri Lankan citizens: Sri Lankans can enter India with these e-Visas to visit loved ones or get medical care in one of the country's many hospitals. You can stay in India for as long as 60 days and enter the country 03 times.

2. Check the Indian e-Visa requirements for Sri Lankan citizens

To obtain an Indian visa for Sri Lankan citizens, you must meet all of the requirements. These documents are required to initiate the application form approval process:

  • Valid Sri Lanka passport: This is a very important part of getting an Indian visa for a citizen of Sri Lanka. A valid passport (with at least six months remaining on its expiration date at admission to India) with at least two blank visa pages must be shown upon arrival in India. Previous passports, if any, should be made accessible, and their photos should be consistent with the ones on the current passport.
  • Digital photo of Sri Lankan citizens: Sri Lankans should use a recent picture. Avoid using any expressions or other visual cues to convey emotion, and shoot against a white background.
  • An invitation letter from the host with his/her ID card will be required for business e-visa.
  • Besides invitation letter, travelers must submit the Political clearance from Ministry of External for conference e-visa
  • A medical letter from India hospital for medical e-visa.
  • An email: The place where the Indian e-Visa will arrive is when it is accepted.

Submit a letter of approval from a parent or legal guardian if you are under the age of majority to apply. This rule is applicable only if the minor is on his or her own during the trip.

   Requirements of Indian e-Visa for Sri Lanka

Requirements of Indian e-Visa for Sri Lanka

3. How to apply for an e-Visa for India from Sri Lanka?

Nationals of Sri Lanka must be sure they qualify for a visa to India before applying for one. In addition to meeting the aforementioned criteria, the applicant must provide documentation that they are a legal resident of Sri Lanka.

If you prefer to apply electronically, you can do so by filling out the online application form and submitting it with the aforementioned documents to the Indian authorities.

Additionally, those who prefer to apply for a visa the old-fashioned way can visit the consular section of the Indian embassy in Sri Lanka to pick up an application form and submit their supporting documents in person.

Typically, visa applications for India take about one week to process. Applicants should submit their requests at least a week in advance.

Provided all requirements are met and the application is properly filled out, the Indian e-Visa for Sri Lankan citizens will be approved. Don't risk unnecessary delays by failing to double-check your visa application before sending it in.

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   Apply for an Indian e-Visa from Sri Lanka

Apply for an Indian e-Visa from Sri Lanka

4. Indian e-Visa fee for Sri Lankan citizens

Sri Lankan citizens applying for an Indian e-Visa must pay both the Government Fees and the Service Fees.

Payment of the government fee is what the Indian government requests from Sri Lankans before issuing them an Indian e-Visa.

You must pay our Service Fee in advance for us to provide our service of advising you on the India e-Tourist visa, providing the necessary documents, checking your application, and presenting the result of your application.

You can choose from one of three services provided by Indian Immigration Services, depending on your budget and how quickly you need your visa:

  • Normal Services for Residents of Sri Lanka: If you choose this option, your Indian e-Visa will be processed and delivered to you in 03 business days.
  • Urgent Services for Sri Lankans: If you are a Sri Lankan citizen and select this service, your Indian e-Visa will be processed and delivered to you on the 01 business day.
  • Super Urgent Services for the citizens of Sri Lanka: Your Indian e-Visa will be processed within 5 hours during regular business hours if you choose this service.

How to pay for an India Visa from Sri Lanka: You may either pay direct transfer (via the Bank of Cyprus) or send an electronic payment (through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal).

   The cost of Indian e-Visa for Sri Lanka passport holders

The cost of Indian e-Visa for Sri Lanka passport holders