Can an Italian citizen travel to India with an e-visa?

Yes. With Indian e-visa, all Italian citizens can travel to India in the fastest and the most convenient way ever. Many Italian travelers come to India to visit such beautiful places and immerse themselves in sacred cities.

Since November 2021, India has reopened for tourism as a result of rising vaccination rates and low rates of Covid-19 illness. That means Italian nationals can freely visit and enjoy a nice trip to India. However, to enter India, all Italian citizens must have an e-visa, which is a need. Moreover, all Italian nationals are required to prove that they have had Covid-19 vaccination.

The Indian Government has released the online application form system since 2014, every Indian traveler can apply for an e-visa with just a few minutes. This process will take 1 to 3 days business hours but if you want to get a visa in the quickest way, you can submit to Rush visa services. The e-visa will be sent to you via email after applying. In addition, we highly recommend travel insurance for your trip to have a fullest journey in India. All Italian nationals who have an Indian e-visa can visit through 28 airports and 5 seaports.

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