Can Filipino travel to India without visa?

No, regardless of the reason for their journey, Filipino travelers will require an India Visa to enter the country.

This implies that if you are a Filipino citizen considering a trip to India for tourism or to visit friends and family, you will require an Indian Visa. Those traveling on business will need to get an e-Business Visa before departing.

The India Tourist Visa is an electronic visa provided to Filipino nationals who want to visit India for tourism, recreation, visiting friends and family, taking short-term courses, or indulging in other non-business activities. It enables Filipino people to visit India for a limited period to enjoy its cultural, historical, and natural features.

Because this is an India e-visa, international nationals may apply for and obtain their Indian visa without having to visit an embassy or consulate.

It is vital to understand that the India Tourist Visa does not allow you to work in India. If Filipino citizens intend to work in India, they may be required to apply for a regular type of visa at the Embassy or consulate. Those visiting India for medical treatment should apply for a medical eVisa.

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