Can I apply for a Business Visit to India on a Portuguese passport?

Under the Indian Government's eVisa India (India Visa Online) program, Indian Visas from Portugal can be obtained for business, tourism, and medical trips. 

The Indian Business Visa allows you to stay in the country for 180 days. It is, however, valid for one year or 365 days and is a several-entry visa, which means that while you can only stay in the nation for 180 days at a time, you can enter the country several times for as long as the e-visa is valid. As the name implies, you would be qualified for it only if the nature and purpose of your journey to the nation are commercial or related to business concerns. 

Any other Visa, such as a Tourist Visa, would likewise be inapplicable if you were here for business. In addition to these eligibility criteria for the Business Visa for India, you must also fulfill the basic eligibility requirements for the e-visa, and if you do, you will be qualified to apply for it.

The Indian business Visa is open to any overseas tourists visiting India for commercial purposes or any type of enterprise seeking to generate a profit. These purposes may include selling or purchasing goods and services in India, attending business meetings such as technical or sales conferences, establishing industrial or business ventures, conducting tours, delivering lectures, recruiting workers, and participating in trade and business fairs and exhibitions, coming to the country as an expert or specialist in some commercial projects. As a result, there are several grounds on which you may apply for an Indian business visa, as long as they are all tied to commercial or business enterprises.

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