Can I apply for a Business Visit to India on a Spanish passport?

Yes, you can. A Spanish passport is eligible to apply for a Business Visit in India. This Business e-Visa is valid 365 days from the issued date that permits visitors to stay up to 180 days continually with multiple entries. You will be asked to pay for 02 types of visa fees to register for the Business e-Visa, the Government fee, and the Service fee.

The Indian Government will charge $130.00 for processing the e-Visa application and require some personal documents to consider if the applicants’ profiles match with Government’s expectations. However, India Immigration Services could support Spanish applicants in complicated procedures consisting of working with the India Government, submitting documents, and preparing additional papers to guarantee 100% approval of e-Visa applications.

The service will cost only $69.00 if applicants would like to collect their Business e-Visa within 3 working days. Moreover, the service accepts difficult cases for applicants who need to get their e-Visa urgently. The applicants will be asked to pay $69.00 plus an additional $79.00 if they expect to collect their Business e-Visa within 24 hours. Finally, paying $69.00 plus an extra $99.00 is necessary if applicants expect to receive their Business e-Visa within 5 working hours even on a day off.

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