Can I apply for Indian visa without a surrender certificate?

Applying for an Indian visa without a surrender certificate can be complex and depends on your specific circumstances. The surrender certificate is an essential document for former Indian citizens who have acquired foreign citizenship. This certificate proves that you have renounced your Indian citizenship, which is a prerequisite for obtaining an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card or any Indian visa.

If you are a former Indian citizen now holding a foreign passport, you typically need a surrender certificate to apply for an Indian visa. The Indian government mandates this to ensure that individuals do not hold dual citizenship, which is not allowed under Indian law. Without this certificate, your visa application may be rejected or delayed.

Generally for others, applying for an India visa will not require you to submit a surrender certificate. Especially e-visa, it is easy to apply while you only need to provide some basic documentation. A passport valid for 6 months, a photograph, and other additional documents will meet the requirements of India e-visa. 

Let Indian Immigration Services help you through this process. When applying with us, the fee might be a little bit higher than the government; however, the process is easier and we will boost the visa success rate.


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