Can I be present in India when I apply for eVisa?

No, you cannot be issued an electronic visa for India (eVisa India) if you are already in India. You should consider alternative possibilities from the Indian Immigration Department.

The online tourist visa to India is an electronic travel authorization system that allows citizens of qualified countries to visit India. The Indian tourist visa, also known as the e-tourist visa, allows the bearer to visit India for a variety of tourism-related reasons. Some of the reasons that you can come to India with this sort of visa include the following:

  • Taking part in tourism activities.
  • Visiting friends and family.
  • Attending a yoga retreat.

The Indian tourist e-Visa to visit India, which was first introduced in October 2014, was intended to make the complicated process of acquiring a visa easier and so attract more international tourists to the country.

The Indian government has established an electronic travel authorization, or e-Visa, system that allows citizens from more than 180 nations to visit India without having to receive a physical stamp on their passports.

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