Can I change my visa type after I have traveled to India from Italy?

The answer is NO. When travelers are already in India, switching visa types is not permitted from inside the country. Before applying for an e-visa, Italian travelers should make sure that you fill out the exact personal information including ID, D.O.B, passport number, visa type, etc. Before traveling, think about the purpose that you wish to visit India. There are 4 types of visa that you can apply depending on your aim to visit India:

  • Tourist e-visa: For Italian travelers who want to travel to India and visit their relatives.
  • Business e-visa: For those who have to take part in business activities.
  • Conference e-visa: For Italian nationals who want to join any specific meeting or conference in India.
  • Medical e-visa: For those who want to treat their sickness in India.

Once Italian citizens apply for an Indian e-visa, there are 2 things that you must take note of: the government fee can not be refunded and the visa type can not be changed. So, think carefully before applying. In case Italians fill out false information by any mistake, our staff will always be available to support you. If you need help or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the Indian Immigration Services website.