Can I extend my 30-day tourist e-Visa to India?

No. The Indian electronic visa cannot be extended. If you need to remain longer, apply for a new e-Visa, which cannot be extended, canceled, transferred, or amended. Otherwise, you can apply for a traditional visa at the nearest India Embassy.

The eVisa India can be used for a variety of purposes, including recreation, sightseeing, meeting family or friends, attending Yoga programs or short courses, volunteering (up to 1 month), establishing an industrial complex, starting or continuing a business venture, selling or buying products or services in India, hiring Indian staff, and attending business-related events.

It is critical to understand that the eVisa only enables admission into India by air. Access by car or train is not authorized. If you are coming on a Business Visa, you must have an eBusiness Visa, not a Tourist Visa. If you are coming for medical reasons, you may bring no more than two Medical Attendants. Additionally, the Indian e-Visa does not allow you to visit protected zones.


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