Can I get a business visa for India from Norway?

Yes, you can get a business visa for India from Norway. You can apply for an Indian business e-visa if you don't mind visiting the Indian embassy or consulate. The regular visa in India permits the bearer to stay in the country for up to 180 days for business activities, such as attending seminars and conferences. 

Norwegian citizens receive their e-visa by email after completing their visa application. They'll print it at home or the workplace and hand it to local authorities when arriving in India.

Remember that the India Business Visa is not a work visa and cannot be used to seek a job or employment in the country. It entitles the bearer to engage in commercial operations while in the nation. If you want an employment visa, please contact the nearest Indian consulate or embassy.

Business travelers from more than 160 countries can apply for an India Business Visa for:

  • Attending business meetings and events.
  • Meetings with (possible) suppliers, clients, and other commercial partners.
  • Providing, installing, or maintaining goods.
  • Advice, implementation, or delivery of other business services.
  • Personnel are being recruited.

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