Can I travel to India 1 month before my visa expires?

You can only travel to India for one month only if your visa is available for one last entry to India and it won’t expire during your trip in India. In other words, if your Indian e-visa is about to expire after you arrive in India, you must apply for a new one because this type of e-visa can not be extended. 

India Immigration Services are pleased to tell you that you can definitely apply for an Indian e-visa through our website. With just a few clicks, you can have a chance to travel to India again. At the moment, there are 4 types of Indian e-visa that you can apply for which have validity and stay duration that you might find suitable to your travel plan. The whole process only takes a couple of days to grant a new e-visa. 

If you are seeking an opportunity to travel to India, applying for an Indian e-visa online is the best way rather than applying at the Embassy with a lot of complex documents. Remember that you are highly recommended to check your eligibility for knowing you have enough conditions for an e-visa or not. If you are not eligible, you may apply at the Embassy for a traditional visa.

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