Can I travel to India from Germany?

With stunning landscapes and incredible cultural diversity, India is a fantastic place to visit, especially for German travelers. From March 2022, all international flights will resume, allowing German citizens to visit the country. The Indian Government decided to reopen tourism because of the high vaccination rates and the low number of coronavirus infections.

Before traveling to India, visitors from Germany must know that they need to possess some important documents at hand, and a visa is one of them. The current online visa application system is less tedious and difficult for German citizens than the conventional one, allowing them to apply for a visa from the comfort of their own homes. As a result, an Indian electronic visa is the fastest and easiest way for German nationals to obtain a visa and visit India for various plans such as travel, business, or medical treatment.

Applying for an Indian eVisa for German citizens can be done entirely online. German citizens are typically granted an eVisa for India within 03 working days, while many visitors may get their visa sooner if they select the rush visa service. Therefore, the eVisa application should be submitted at least 04 days before their travel date to India. German nationals may enter India by 05 seaports and 28 specific airports, including Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, and Chennai, … with the Indian e-Visa.

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