Can I travel to India from Switzerland?

India is a country famous for its colorful festivals so it has become an attractive tourist destination for every traveler, especially Swiss nationals. Prior to entering India, Swiss citizens must get a visa. Since 2014, the Indian electronic Visa has been introduced, allowing people from 169 different nations, including Switzerland, to apply online for tourism, business and medical visas. This visa allows Swiss travelers to visit India for a short-term stay.

Depending on the purpose of the visit, the short-term stay can last for 30, 90 or 180 days. In addition, before traveling, fully vaccinated Swiss travelers must fill in self-declaration online within 72 hours. Since travelers submit the online form so they would not have to prove themselves negative pre-departure Covid-19 test for vaccinated Swiss citizens.

As long as the applicant has accessed the internet, applying for an e visa is a much faster and more convenient process that can be completed anywhere around the world within just under 15 minutes. You can get an e visa in the quickest way by applying for a visa on the Indian Immigration Services website. This type of visa will only take no more than 3 working days to process and Swiss nationals will obtain an e visa via email.