Can I travel to India from the Netherlands?

Yes. India is a beautiful country with diverse beauty and interesting culture which attracts many tourists. From November 2021, India government has reopened for Dutch citizens due to the decline of epidemic. In return you have to show a vaccine passport to prove that you have had Covid-19 vaccine.

Before traveling to India, all the travelers need to check all the testing requirements and relevant documents including Visa. Nowadays, an Indian eVisa is the fastest way for travelers to obtain a Visa for India. Netherlands citizens can apply for a Visa online by providing necessary documents even if they are in their home country. Besides, some states in India require a Covid vaccination, Covid-19 negative or testing on arrival if entering from other Indian states.

All the Netherlands citizens can apply for a Visa entirely online. After applying, travelers can obtain an eVisa within 3 days business hours. It takes 3 days to process so travelers must apply at least 4 days before their trip to India. In addition, other travelers in some urgent cases who want to obtain a Visa sooner can apply for Rush Visa service. Netherlands citizens can enter India by 28 airports including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru,... and five seaports with an Indian eVisa.

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