Can I travel to India with old OCI and new UAE passport?

Yes, you can travel to India with an old OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card and a new passport. The OCI card is a lifelong visa that permits you to visit India without the requirement for a second visa. It is, however, critical to confirm that the OCI card is still valid and has not expired.

When you receive a new passport, the OCI card remains valid, but you must go to India with both the old passport and the new passport. By inspecting both passports, immigration officials will confirm your identity and the validity of your OCI card.

To avoid any issues during your travel, it's recommended to carry the following documents:

  • New Passport: Your passport must be current and valid.
  • Old Passport: The one that has the OCI seal of approval.
  • OCI Card: Make sure your OCI card is still valid and has not expired.

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