Can I travel to India without a passport?

No, foreigners can’t travel to India without a passport.  As per the provisions of the Passport (Entry into India) Act, 1920, and the rules made thereunder, every foreigner entering India is required to hold a valid national passport or any other internationally recognized travel document proving his or her nationality and identity, and with their identity information. His/ Her photograph, along with a valid Indian visa issued by an authorized overseas representative of India.

If you are a traveler coming to India, you will need a visa to enter. Fortunately, foreigners are qualified for India's e-Visa program. They can choose from the following options:

  • 1-month e-Tourist: 2 entries, total stay of 30 days
  • 1-year e-Tourist: multiple entries, a total of 90 days
  • e-Business: multiple entries, stay for 180 days
  • e-Ayush Visa: triple entries, a total of 60 days
  • e-Medical and e-Medical Attendant: 3 entries, total stay of 60 days
  • e-Conference Visa: single entry, total stay of 30 days

If you have a passport and the aforementioned e-visa choices do not fit your trip plans, you will need to seek a visa via an Indian embassy.


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