Can I travel to India without an OCI card?

Yes, you can travel to India without an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card. If you are a foreign national, you normally need a valid visa to enter India unless you fall under one of the categories or countries that allow access without a visa. Depending on the reason for your visit and how long you want to stay, you may require a visa for tourism, business, work, etc.

The OCI card, on the other hand, is a unique document that grants international citizens of Indian descent visa-free access as well as a number of additional advantages. Although it is not necessary to travel to India, it might be a practical choice for those who satisfy the requirements and want to have unlimited access to India without a visa.

If you do not have an OCI card, you will need to apply for an India visa based on the purpose of your visit to India. The visa application process typically involves submitting the required documents and paying the visa fee, which can be done online on the Indian Immigration Services website.

It is recommended to check the India e-visa requirements and application process for your nationality and purpose of travel by visiting the Indian Immigration Services website.

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