Can we use Esim in India?

Yes, e-sim is available in India. India's eSIM has been in use for some time and has replaced the actual Sim card. There are many advantages to using eSIM in India over regular SIM cards. For example, this eSIM implementation can save a lot of space on smartphones used in SIM tray slots. But space is not the only thing. With eSIM, you can easily change your mobile carrier without having to buy a new SIM card.

Everyone benefits from eSIMs, including OEM makers, consumers, and telecom providers. Here are some of the advantages of utilizing an eSIM in India.

  • By replacing the slide-in sim tray with an onboard soldered eSIM, you may save a lot of room within your smartphone. It does not require a particular card slot, unlike a conventional SIM card.

  • In India, an eSIM allows you to change your network provider with a simple phone call or online request.

  • eSIMs can store various network profiles and perform flawlessly all over the world. This is an excellent choice for someone who travels frequently.

  • When compared to a traditional sim card, losing an eSIM is extremely improbable. You can never lose your eSIM after you enable and configure it; it's a hardware chip on your device, and the only way you can lose your eSIM is if you lose or destroy your smartphone.

If their mobile phones or computers support eSims, tourists can purchase an Indian eSim when applying for an e-visa to India using the Indian e-Visa Portal. 

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