Do I have to change my name on an Indian visa after marriage?

The information on the passport and visa must be the same. If your name has legally changed through marriage, you will need to obtain a new passport. Once you have a new passport, you should apply for a new visa to make it easier for you to travel to and from India. From the intended arrival date in India, this passport must also have at least 06 months of validity. There should be a minimum of 02 blank pages in your passport for stamping upon arrival at the approved port of entry for eVisa.

At Indian Immigration Services, we advise you to provide your data as on your passport. Before submitting your application form, you should double-check all the information provided. We are not responsible for the eVisa refusal due to wrong information. The Immigration Officer at the border checkpoint may have the authority to deny your entry if they find out the unmatched information. 

There are some critical information should be included in the application form precisely: visa details (number of visas, type of visa, transportation method, port of arrival, and processing time), and personal information (full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, passport number).

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