Do I need an Indian online visa for all my children?

Yes. You need an Indian visa online for all your children. All international visitors, including kids, require a visa to enter India. This applies to newborns, infants, children, and adolescents. As a result, parents or guardians must submit separate visa applications for each youngster in their group.

It's worth noting that only children with Indian citizenship, including Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs), are free from visa requirements when going to India. Parents or guardians must submit all required papers and fulfill the visa criteria for India.

India Visa Requirements for Children

There are no visas specifically for children coming to India. Minors must need the same visas as adults to enter the nation.

The type of visa required for a child's vacation to India is determined by the purpose of the visit. In most situations, this will be for tourism.

The good news is that you may now apply for Indian tourist or medical visas for your children online. Parents and guardians can apply for an Indian e-Visas for their children on the Indian government's official website. The online application procedure is simple and effective, making it easier for families to organize visits to India.

The requirements for an Indian visa are divided into a few categories. Learn more about Indian Visa Requirements.

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