Do I need to surrender my Indian passport before applying for a visa?

No, you do not need to surrender your Indian passport before applying for an Indian visa. As an Indian citizen, your Indian passport remains your property and is not required to be surrendered during the visa application process.

When applying for an Indian visa, you can use your Indian passport as a valid travel document to prove your Indian citizenship. The visa application process typically involves submitting the necessary documents, filling out the application form, and paying the required fees. The Indian visa will then be stamped or issued as a separate document on your passport.

It's important to note that if you are also a citizen of another country and hold a foreign passport, you may choose to travel to India using either your Indian passport or your foreign passport. In such cases, when applying for an Indian visa, you would need to provide details of your Indian citizenship, including your Indian passport information, if you choose to travel on your Indian passport.

The India Immigration Services website serves as a valuable platform for travelers to access important visa-related information, apply for visas online, and stay updated on the latest immigration requirements. It streamlines the visa application process, making it more convenient and accessible for travelers seeking to visit India.

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