Do Italian citizens need an e-visa for India?

Definitely yes. All Italian citizens who want to visit India for any reason must have an e-visa. Previously, making an appointment with embassies and consulates takes a lot of time waiting in a long line and the-visa approval rate is not high. Getting an e-visa is the fastest way to visit India conveniently.

Fortunately, Italy is a country eligible for having an Indian e-visa which is issued by the India Government. Italian travelers do not have to wait in a long queue at the airport or waste time to interview with embassies, the online system allows them to apply for an Indian e-visa in just under 15 minutes.

Italian nationals can apply an e-visa with the purpose of tourism, business, conference and medical treatment:

  • Tourist e-visa is for those who want to visit friends and relatives who lived there or witness the sacred beauty of India.
  • Business e-visa is granted for those who visit to take part in business activities.
  • Conference e-visa is meant for those who wish to join an international conference or a meeting.
  • Medical e-visa is for those who are having medical treatment or seek medical support for themselves in India.

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