Do Italian citizens need to buy travel insurance before submitting a visa application?

Purchasing travel insurance is optional for Italian citizens to take regardless of your situation. However, we are recommending that Italian travelers buy travel insurance in order to make your trip safer.

Many travel insurance policies offer good medical coverage. Having one can be very helpful when traveling overseas. Depending on the insurer you choose, a travel insurance coverage will cover illness or injury suffered by Italian travelers while on their vacation. Travel insurance will be very helpful in these situations because the cost of medical care when traveling abroad could be very costly. Moreover, many travel insurance policies cover all of your Covid-19-related issues. If you test positive for Covid-19, it will assist Italian travelers with paying for medical costs and evacuation in case of emergency.

In addition, travel insurance can guarantee to protect and refund the maximum amount of money when Italian travelers lose their luggages. In case their luggages is delayed, travel insurance will cover the buying of basic items such as clothes, toothpaste or brush, etc.

If you haven’t had travel insurance yet? You can get one by accessing the Indian Immigrant Services website to purchase it. Once again, this is an optional so Italian citizens can skip this stage.

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