Do Kenyans need a visa to enter India?

Yes. Because Kenya is not included in the visa waiver program of the Indian Government, Kenya citizens are required to have a visa to enter the country.

Tourism in India is growing rapidly with an influx of tourists from around the world, including Kenyan tourists. They travel to this fascinating country to experience India’s rich culture, heritage, and incredible natural landscapes. The enchanting beaches, and pilgrimage sites, with an abundance of wildlife, have made India an attractive destination for Kenyan citizens.

Kenya passport holders can apply for an Indian eVisa in two ways:

  • Apply for a regular visa at the Embassy or the Consulate
  • Apply for an Indian electronic visa online on the Indian Immigration Services website. This option is recommended for Kenyan travelers because it helps them to save both time and cost. Please note that the Indian eVisa is an electronic authorization to travel to India for tourism, business, conference, or medical visits.

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