Do Malaysian Citizens Need a Visa for India?

Generally, a visa is required for Malaysians to enter India. The good news is that Malaysian passport holders are eligible for a relatively simple visa application that may be done fully online in many cases. You can apply using the e-visa program for any of the following:

  • E-Tourist Visa
  • E-Business Visa
  • E-Medical Visa
  • E-Medical Attendant Visa (issued for people accompanying e-medical visa holders)
  • E-Conference Visa
  • Ayush visa

Indian E-visas for tourists cover recreation, sightseeing, and casual visits to family and friends. They’re not intended for business purposes, or for people seeking medical treatment - different e-visas are available for these scenarios.

It is quick and easy to get an Indian visa online from Malaysia. The three-step application procedure takes only a few minutes.

  • Fill out the online Indian visa form
  • Pay the Indian visa fees and submit the supporting documents
  • Download and print out the eVisa before departure

Malaysians usually receive the approved eVisa within 03 business days. Nonetheless, it is essential to apply ahead of time to avoid delays. Travelers who want a visa for India urgently can use the priority option, which guarantees 5-hour processing.


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