Do Mexican citizens need a visa for India?

Yes. Mexican citizens have to possess a visa to travel to India. Fortunately, Mexican passport holders do not need to visit an Embassy to apply for a visa for India. They can now take advantage of an electronic visa system to obtain an Indian Visa and visit India for many different purposes involving recreation, sightseeing, short-visit to their families, or business.

An Indian electronic visa is issued by the Indian Government to help travelers obtain a visa quickly and easily. Until now, more than 150 countries are eligible for this visa, including Mexico. Mexican nationals can apply for an eVisa in a matter of minutes by filling in the application form at India Immigration Services. There are 04 types of Indian electronic visas available to Mexican travelers. Each type of visa is granted for a different purpose of the applicant.

  • e-Tourist visa: is granted to Mexican nationals whose sole objective for visiting India is recreation, casual visit to meet friends and relatives.
  • e-Business visa: is used for participating in business activities in India.
  • e-Conference visa: Mexican citizens visiting India to attend a conference/ seminar/ workshop organized by the Indian Government can apply for this type.
  • e-Medical & e-Medical Attendant Visa: This type of visa is granted to Mexican nationals who wish to seek medical treatment under the Indian Medical system.