Do Tajikistani Citizens Need a Visa for India?

Yes, passport holders from Tajikistan need a visa for India, including for short stays. There are two ways to obtain an India visa from Tajikistan: online or at the embassy. Tajikistani nationals cannot obtain a visa upon arriving in India; they must apply in advance.

Tajikistani travelers are encouraged to utilize the electronic visa system. Electronic visa applicants are not required to visit an Indian embassy in Tajikistan because the full process is conducted online.

The India e-Visa for Tajikistani citizens is issued for the following reasons:

  • Tourism or visiting friends and family
  • Business
  • Conference
  • Treatment like therapeutic care, wellness, Yoga, etc.
  • Short-term medical treatment

The Indian visa application for Tajikistani citizens can be completed online with a few simple steps. Once granted, applicants must print a copy of the India e-visa and show it, together with their passport, before entering India.

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