Do Uzbekistani citizens need visas for India?

To enter India, all entering Uzbek citizens must get an India Visa. There are no exceptions made for anyone, regardless of age.

The Indian visa for Uzbekistani citizens is an electronic visa intended exclusively for Uzbekistani citizens who desire to visit India for tourism purposes. It enables Uzbekistani visitors to discover India's unique cultural heritage, historical landmarks, natural marvels, and other tourist attractions.

The India Tourist Visa is distinct from other types of visas, such as business or employment visas, which have particular goals and restrictions. Uzbekistani citizens should apply for the appropriate visa category depending on their planned activities in India.

Fortunately, Uzbekistani citizens are eligible for one of India’s e-Visas. They can choose from one of the options below:

  • Indian tourist visa: It is valid from the date of grant of ETA: for 30 days (e-tourist Visa with double entries for 30 days), 1 year (e-tourist Visa with multiple entries for 1 year), and 5 years (e-tourist Visa with multiple entries for 5 years);
  • Indian business e-visa: The validity of this type of visa is 365 days from the date of issue. You are also allowed to enter and exit India multiple times and each stay should not exceed 180 days.
  • India medical visa:  you can stay in India for 60 days from the date of issue and allows you to enter India three times.
  • Indian conference e-visa: you can stay in India for 30 days and allows you to enter India one time.

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