Do you need an invitation letter to visit India?

No. A letter of invitation or Affidavit of Support is not needed to apply for an Indian tourist visa. This is a formal document delivered by an individual or organization in India to a visa application in another nation.

However, if you apply for a business visa, an invitation letter from the host will be REQUIRED. This letter vouches for the applicant's reliability and the reason for their visit. Whether it's for business, tourism, medical treatment, or research, the invitation letter is frequently used as proof to support the purpose of the visa application.

When applying for an Indian visa, the official language for all documentation is English. As a result, the invitation letter should preferably be prepared in English to guarantee that your application is processed smoothly.

If the inviting party in India is unable to write in English, the letter might be written in their local language. In this scenario, however, the letter should be accompanied with a certified English translation.

Here are some additional things to consider to applying for an Indian invitation letter:

  • Travel purpose: If the aim of your trip is uncertain or odd, having an invitation letter might give extra information and help you get a visa.
  • Length of stay: If you want to stay in India for an extended period, an invitation letter can verify your links to the nation and offer information about your accommodations
  • Documentation: While not required, an invitation letter can help your visa application by providing credibility and supporting papers such as evidence of lodging or trip plans.

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