How long can a British citizen stay in India with OCI?

Starting September 2021, UK nationals with an OCI (Overseas Indian Citizen) card can stay in India for an unlimited time.

Once you obtain citizenship in the UK, you have it regardless of where you live or how long you dwell there. OCI basically allows you permanent residency in India, with no limits on where you live or how long you stay.

OCI is the official term for Overseas Citizenship of India. This is a legal document that citizens of Indian heritage and their spouses can receive in order to live and work in India. The OCI, despite its name, is not the same as an Indian ID and does not grant you citizenship. The OCI is just a sort of residence for nationals of Indian descent.

An OCI card bearer is entitled to a lifetime visa with free travel to India, but a PIO card holder's visa is only valid for 15 years.

This document is not available in all situations involving persons of Indian descent. People of Indian ancestry who have visited Pakistan or Bangladesh are not eligible to apply.

However, it's important to note that the OCI card itself has certain validity and renewal requirements. The OCI card is typically issued with a lifelong validity, but it requires re-issuance whenever the passport of the cardholder is renewed or replaced. Additionally, there may be certain restrictions or requirements related to specific activities, such as employment, in India.

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