How long does it take to get a visa from Italy to India?

Since 2014, Italian nationals have been able to apply for an e-visa for travel, business, conferences, and medical treatment. Travelers can enter India more easily than ever before when using this type of visa. The Indian government has established an online application system so that Italian travelers may apply for an e-visa totally online in less than 15 minutes without having to wait in line at embassies for appointments.

Indian e-visa is the fastest way for Italian travelers to enter India. After applying, the Indian e-visa will be sent to Italian nationals within 1 - 3 working days. The processing time depends on which type that they want. However, Italian travelers can apply for Rush Visa service if they want to get an e-visa in a short period of time. Besides, there are 3 types of processing time frame for Italian travelers can obtain an e-visa:

  • Normal: It takes 3 working days to process if travelers need time to prepare all the necessary documents.
  • Urgent: It will take 24 hours to obtain an Indian e-visa if travelers choose this type of processing time.
  • Super urgent: It only takes within 5 hours which is convenient for those who are in an emergency.

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