How many times can I enter India with an e-visa if I am Brazilian?

The number of times you can enter India depends on which types of e-visa you choose. As you know, Brazil travelers who wish to enter India always come to this country with the purpose of tourism, business and medical treatment. All the visas mentioned before have regulations about how many times to enter India and the length of stay in this country.

All Brazil travelers can refer to the Indian e-Visa information below:

  • Tourist e-visa for 30 days: This visa allows Brazil citizens double entry and gives permission to stay up to 30 days in India from the date of arrival.
  • Tourist e-visa for 1 year: This type of visa guarantees multiple entries with each visit not exceeding 90 days.
  • Tourist e-visa for 5 years: This visa allows multiple entries and the maximum stay is 90 days for each visit.
  • Conference e-visa: This visa allows only one entry and a maximum stay of 30 days in total.
  • Business e-visa: Permit multiple entries but each visit should not exceed 180 days for all nations which are eligible for having Indian e-visa.
  • Medical e-visa: This visa allows triple entry and a maximum stay of 60 days in total from the date of arrival.