How to travel to India from Poland?

To be able to travel to India, Polish citizens need to take the following steps:

  • Applying for an India visa for Polish citizens: Polish citizens must get a visa before entering India. Fortunately, you may apply for an India e-Visa using your Polish passport.
  • Book your flight: Several airlines offer direct and connecting flights from major Polish airports like Warsaw (WAW) and Krakow (KRK) to various Indian cities like Delhi (DEL), Mumbai (BOM), and Bangalore (BLR). Flight time can range from 8 to 12 hours for direct flights and up to 16 hours with connections. The Indian eVisa is accepted at air and sea ports. Most Polish travel to India by air.
  • Buy Travel Insurance: You should obtain travel insurance before departing for India. The purpose of travel insurance is to cover unexpected costs, such as illness, injury, or loss of your belongings while you're abroad. It's also intended to protect you if you have to cancel your vacation before you leave or if you have to return home early due to an emergency.

In addition, you need to know some tips for traveling to India:

  • Learn a few simple Hindi words to make the most of your time in India.
  • When visiting holy locations, keep cultural variations in mind and dress modestly.
  • When shopping at marketplaces and bazaars, bargain for lower pricing.
  • Carry cash and small denominations with you for tipping and making little purchases.
  • Stay hydrated and stay away from tap water.
  • Get a local SIM card for cheap internet access.