Is Air Suvidha required to travel to India?

No. Travelers are no longer required to complete the Air Suvidha to travel to India due to the decrease of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, when entering India, you do not need to spend an amount of time for quarantine or wait for the Covid-19 test result. 

If you do not know, Air Suvidha is an online portal that allows travelers to submit their self-declaration form, COVID-19 test results, and other required information before their arrival in India. It is a mandatory requirement for all international passengers to complete the registration on Air Suvidha prior to boarding their flight to India. This is to ensure that travelers have met all the necessary health and travel guidelines set by the Indian government, especially related to COVID-19.

Travelers now can apply and obtain an Indian e-visa with just simple clicks through a digital e-visa platform. Moreover, travelers just need to provide some basic required documents before applying. However, the Indian government only allows a number of countries to apply for an Indian e-visa; therefore, you can check your eligibility at the link to make sure that you have the right to own an e-visa. More instructions on how to apply for an e-visa can be found at the link.

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