Is an entry visa the same as a tourist visa in India?

No, an entry visa is not the same as a tourist visa in India. An India Entry Visa is granted to Persons of Indian Origin and dependent family members of Employment Visa or Research/Student Visa holders. Persons of Indian origin (PIOs) should, as is customary, apply for an entrance visa.

Meanwhile, the tourist visa is granted to foreigners who wish to participate in tourist activities in India. A tourist visa permits you to stay in India for a limited duration. The most common visa type for tourism purposes in India include:

  • Tourist visas are granted to foreign people who intend to visit India for the purpose of tourism, sightseeing, or pleasure. Depending on the visa type, it normally permits short-term visits of 30 days or 90 days, with double entries or multiple entries.

While both "entry visa" and "tourist visa" commonly refer to permits for visiting India for the purpose of tourism, it is critical to be explicit about the sort of visa you want while applying. The specific visa category and duration will be determined by your nationality, the purpose of your travel, and the Indian government's visa laws in effect at the time of application.

Before applying for a visa to India, you should check the specific visa requirements and application procedures.


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