Is Bangalore safe for solo female travelers?

Yes, Bangalore is safe for solo female travelers but solo travel always means being somewhat careful in your selection of people and places. Here are some tips for Women and Solo Female Travelers in India:

  • Start With A Strategy: To make the most of your solo travel, start with a well-planned schedule. Researching and planning are two key things before the first time you travel alone. There is a lot to prepare for, from learning everything about your location to arranging a place ahead of time.
  • For your first solo trip, start by picking a nearby place that is easy to get to. Make sure the location is well-connected with transportation services so that you do not have to rely on untrustworthy sources. Always attempt to arrive before dusk, as mornings are the best time to arrive at your location. Furthermore, this saves you the trouble of exploring a foreign destination at night. Finally, during the process, don't be afraid to spend a little additional money if necessary because safety always comes first.
  • Keep Your Closed Ones Informed Throughout the Trip: Not informing your family/friends about your specific trip plans might be the biggest error while traveling alone. Provide them with information such as the contact information for the hotel you want to stay at and the bus/cab driver number with whom you will be traveling. While traveling, make sure to share your current position with your loved ones so they can follow your progress to the destination. All of this will assist you avoid any sticky situations you may encounter while traveling alone.
  • Use Public Transport: One of the most enjoyable aspects of traveling is meeting new people on buses, trains, and planes. Not only is public transportation the ideal method to meet other explorers, but it is also handy, somewhat safe, easy to pick, and, of course, quite inexpensive! Being surrounded by people might also help you avoid anxiety and uncomfortable circumstances.
  • Chose To Stay In Homestays Or Hostels: When traveling alone, staying in a hostel or homestay increases your chances of meeting other solo travelers. Not only that, living in a hostel may provide you with access to numerous exciting chances that you might otherwise pass over while traveling alone. Furthermore, it is safer than being alone in a hotel room with no one to converse with. 
  • Carry a mobile phone: Obtaining an India eSIM card and carrying a mobile phone are critical for both safety and convenience, as India is a mobile phone-addicted country. Everything is done by text messages, including train tickets, taxis, and manicure appointments, and you must use it to speak with drivers. When you arrive in India, you can purchase a low-cost phone or a SIM card for your existing phone. 

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