Is India safe for female travelers?

India is a country of extremes, and while progress has been made toward increasing women's safety, issues remain. Women who visit India may have a safe and happy experience by being aware, taking measures, and respecting local norms. Safety conditions might vary greatly between regions and towns in India. Some regions are deemed safer for women, while others may provide significant obstacles.

The Indian Government has taken steps to address concerns with women's safety. Engaging with local communities and obtaining advice from reputable sources, such as hotel staff or tourist information centers, may also improve your overall safety and experience as a female traveler in India.

Tips for Women Traveling Alone in India:

  • Dress modestly. Bollywood films may be highly racy, and in many modern and Westernized sections of the nation, young Indian women wear short skirts, jeans, and sleeveless shirts. However, as a foreigner who sticks out and is unlikely to know exactly what is and isn't appropriate, it's best to err on modesty.

  • Get a local SIM card. The first thing you should do when you arrive in India is obtain a SIM card at the airport or our website.┬áMajor telecom providers in India, including Jio, Airtel, and Vi, provide eSIM services. Please remember that, while you may convert a physical SIM card into an eSIM from the comfort of your own home, you must visit a specialist store to convert an Indian eSIM to a physical SIM card. In India, everything is done via WhatsApp or text messages; everyone owns a cell phone and uses it for everything.

  • Use taxi apps. Download cab applications such as Uber and Ola for use in major cities. Traveling via GPS cab in India is both safe and economical. You may use your local SIM card and taxi app to organize pickup at airports and rail stations, which are known for fraudsters, touts, and drivers who overcharge foreigners.

  • Get an additional debit card. You should have two debit cards with distinct bank accounts. If you only have one, we recommend getting a Transferwise debit card. Keep a few hundred dollars in your account, tuck the card deep inside your baggage, and use it if your main debit card is taken.

  • Pack lightly. India poses several travel obstacles, including transit delays and infrastructural failures. Packing light makes it much simpler to deal with the unexpected. Simply take up your luggage and "adjust a little," as they say in India.

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