Is it safe to visit Agra now?

Yes, it is safe to visit Agra now. Agra is a reasonably safe destination for travelers.  Having said that, certain measures should be followed to guarantee a pleasant journey through Uttar Pradesh.  As is often the case, common sense is the most crucial tool for remaining safe. 

Although petty theft and street crime do occur in Agra on occasion, visitors should not shun the city for this reason.  Instead, they should adhere to a few simple guidelines in order to prevent these scenarios. 

  • Wearing costly jewelry, carrying big sums of cash, seeming showy, or generating a disturbance are all bad ideas. It is never a good idea to draw unnecessary attention to oneself. Pickpockets flourish in busy places like marketplaces, bus terminals, and railway stations. Women should keep purses or bags near their sides in these situations, while males should keep wallets in front pockets rather than back pockets.

  • Women, in particular, should avoid walking alone at night. This is a basic guideline for any unknown region, but it is also applicable in Agra.  If going in a group is not an option, and you must walk, try to stay in well-lit public places. 

  • Crossing the street should be done with caution. Vehicles frequently travel at high speeds, paying little regard to pedestrians.

  • Never drink from the tap.  Instead, always purchase bottled water, which can be found in most supermarkets and stores.

  • Food poisoning is a major problem for visitors to India. Some people advise not eating meat at all. These and other concerns are addressed on the India Food Safety page. 

To visit Agra you should prepare yourself the necessary documents. Don't forget to apply for an Indian e-visa and buy India travel insurance at the Indian Immigration Services website. 

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