Is Kerala safe for solo female travelers?

Yes. Kerala is a safe destination for all types of travelers, including men, women, transgender people, foreigners, and others. However, just like any other tourist destination, you should follow specific travel guidelines for Kerala.

There's a reason why Kerala is often regarded as India's top state for peace and order. It is highly safe to go across the state since the people are literate and nice to travelers, and the government is actively promoting tourism and the protection of tourists, particularly women and children, by deploying pink police vehicles in public locations.

Here are some major tips for a solo trip in Kerala for Women to ensure your trip is a smooth one.

1. Choose a well-rated accommodation

Before you plan your Solo female trip in Kerala, conduct an extensive study on the region so that you do not appear disoriented when you arrive. When traveling alone, never compromise on your accommodation selection. Always choose a decent, popular hotel.

A well-rated homestay is another choice for lodging on a solo vacation to Kerala for women. Interacting with the host is a terrific way to learn about the local culture, sample home-cooked cuisine, or discover a new dish that you simply enjoyed.

2. Travel Light

While you should take what you need, such as a medical kit, a power bank, and other basics, don't overpack your bag for your lone vacation in Kerala. This travel advice for Kerala applies to almost every Kerala trip, not just those for solitary female travelers. Unwanted luggage might impair your trip experience if you want to use public transportation. Avoid carrying valuables. 

3. Beware of swindlers

Keep your distance from commission workers who frequently approach travelers. This is one of the most important travel advice for Kerala. Make sure you don't waste money on unnecessary purchases or fall victim to swindlers. Nobody can trick you unless you let them. So keep your awareness acute!

4. Keep in touch

Solo trips in Kerala for women may be both fun and fascinating. Don't forget to communicate your trip information with your family, and always keep your phone charged. It's a good idea to make friends with other visitors or residents who share your interests. Interacting with others teaches you a lot and can even lead to lifelong friendships. Make your Solo Woman Tour in Kerala unforgettable by including a few family-friendly activities!

5. Follow the standards of local culture.

This is the most critical travel recommendation for ladies visiting Kerala single. Women in beachwear are not widely tolerated on Kerala's public beaches, with the exception of Varkala and Kovalam.

So, when you go to the beach, wear vest tops with shorts. Dress modestly when going sightseeing, especially in smaller towns. Indian clothing, long skirts, and airy slacks with tops would look great. Smoking and drinking are permitted within hotels and pubs in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, but not outside. So, make sure to keep to these rules when arranging a solo trip in Kerala for women.

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